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There is a reason why Wall Street firms seem to be consistently profitable while many individual traders fall short of their financial goals or lose money.

Join us for a free trading workshop and discover how you can learn to trade alongside the Wall Street institutions, instead of against them. Get some great trading insights and learn about steps you can take to build your financial skills.

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  • Strategies used by professionals to profit when stocks are falling
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  • When to buy and when to sell, based on strategy and a plan
  • Major advantages everyday investors have over big banks and institutions
  • Strategies for protecting your investments against inflation.
  • How Trading Academy's step-by-step strategy can help you take the emotions out of your decisions
  • Common mistakes novice investors make and how to minimize them
  • 3 Keys to investing with more confidence and less stress

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Trading Academy is on a mission to equip everyday investors with similar strategies to those of the big banks and Wall Street firms. We believe that exceptional financial education should not be reserved for the Wall Street elite.

Trading Academy offers both free and paid classes to help individual investors learn strategies designed for income generation and retirement account growth. We teach people how to approach the markets with confidence, like the pros. Classes are offered in stocks, options, forex, futures, digital assets and more.

We’ve learned the best way for people to see if Trading Academy is a good fit for them is to offer this free introductory workshop. Whether you decide to explore other Trading Academy courses or not, we think you’ll find this workshop will forever change how you look at opportunities in the financial markets. You’ll also meet some smart, friendly people and have a lot of fun in the process. (And remember, just for attending, you’ll get access to our Tradetelligence Member Portal too.)

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There has never been a better time for investors to take control of their financial future and learn to trade and invest their own accounts. It’s no coincidence that in 2021, 10 million new investors entered the market. More and more people are taking control of their financial future and looking for strategies to generate multiple streams of income. It all starts with getting access to the right tools, rules, and skills to put you on the path toward owning your financial future.

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